the Hive Standoff

Are you ready to blast off?

In collaboration with Singapore Air Blasters and Nerf4Life, MakerHive Singapore is extremely excited to announce that we will be hosting our inaugural the Hive Standoff!

Blast away your weekday blues on 14th November from 7pm to 10pm with a marksmanship competition, followed by a round of free play to shake all that stress off.

7pm to 8pm – Own Time Own Target
8pm to 9pm – Marksmanship Competition
9pm to 10pm – Free Play

Tickets are FREE. To register, follow our Peatix link: or RSVP at

o No HPA or compress air mode of projection in anyway whatsoever
o No BB, WBB or fully black blasters of any sort
o No MilSim wear
o No sharp, death darts

o Beginner Level
Blaster Limitations
> Non-modified in any way, stock Nerf blaster only
> External attachments are allowed
>No lasers allowed
Dart Limitations
> Streamlines only

o Advanced Level
Blaster Limitations
> Max 14kg Spring
> Max 12v Flywheel
Dart Limitations
> Streamlines / Stefans

o Expert Level
Blaster Limitations
> Max 26kg Spring
> Max 24v Flywheel
o Dart Limitations
> Streamlines / Stefans